I can hear some of you thinking so what? Do I care whether my wedding confetti is fake or not? It’s only going to be thrown up in the air to make pretty pictures for the wedding photographer and dissolve on the floor eventually!

Confetti tunnel at wedding in London

I agree that your wedding confetti decision might not be as important as booking the venue or buying your dress but trust me, it’s very important to get it right whether you buy real flower petal confetti or the old fashioned paper type.

The History Bit

Did you know the history behind why confetti is thrown at weddings?  Well it’s an ancient custom dating back to pagan times when sweets and grains were thrown over the bride and groom to represent the hope that the new couple will have a fertile marriage.

Does your Wedding Venue Allow the Use of Confetti?

Over the past few years I have visited many a church and wedding venue and always ask the question, can the bride and groom use wedding confetti?  The first answer is normally ‘NO’ as it causes such a mess to clear up in readiness for their next event.  I’ve even been told that it causes their air conditioning to fail as it gets in the air ducts, I must admit that was a new one on me!

Most churches and venues will ban the use of paper confetti as it just goes all mushy on the path and grass and doesn’t degrade as quickly as real flower petals.  It lingers for days and can spoil it for the next couple who want their day to also be special without a constant build up of the previous weddings confetti littering the paths.

I have been advised to ask the bride and groom to only have their confetti tunnel in a particular place and not in the main walkways before.  At churches this has been outside the gate and venues in the gardens.

So in short always ask your venue, do they allow the throwing of confetti or not and does it have to be real petals?

Why Real or Fake Confetti?

My personal preference if asked would always be real flower petals.  There are so many suppliers out there that grow their own and sell it by the handful, they even sell the cones to put it in which is very useful.

Whilst paper confetti hangs around on the paths and grounds for days, real petals degrade far quicker.  Paper confetti is often quite large pieces and is dyed paper.  Petals look far prettier are very small, all different sizes and won’t stain your dress or clothes.  They also flutter really nicely when thrown, not to mention it makes for beautiful photography……just saying!!

Whilst there still might be restrictions where you can throw your real flower petal confetti at your church or venue I would be amazed to hear that they would ban it as it degrades and disappears so quickly and lets face it, they are real so won’t look like litter!

Did you know that Prince William and Kate asked for real flower petal wedding confetti? According to The Guardian newspaper they most certainly did!

confetti by photography by sallyanne

When to Use Wedding Confetti

Confetti is typically thrown over the bride and groom just after their wedding ceremony.  Like I mentioned earlier, it symbolizes hope that the couple will have a fertile marriage.  But come on, these days its a fun thing to do where the wedding party join in to celebrate the union of marriage between two special people.

The photographer usually creates a wedding confetti tunnel made up of the wedding party where the newly weds walk through the middle to be dowsed in confetti and well wishes.  These images are very special, they are natural and so much fun.  It’s always a good idea for the bride and groom to keep their mouth shut when walking through the tunnel just in case they inhale any!!

Confetti being thrown at wedding in wiltshire by Photography By Sally-Anne

Confetti, the real stuff not the fake of course, can also be used to decorate the venue and isle.  Many a stylist has sprinkled real flower petals between lanterns down the sides of isles which looks beautiful.

Little flower girls can hold tiny baskets laden with petals to scatter before the bride walks down the isle to pave her way, I love this option, its very pretty and creates quite a build up to seeing the bride in her beautiful dress.

Confetti can also be used on the dining tables at the venue frugally scattered between the place settings and table decorations.

There are so many uses for real flower petal confetti these are just a few.


Here are just a few suppliers that I have heard of which might be helpful to you:

The Real Flower Confetti Company

Shropshire Petals

The Rose Petal Shop

What are your thoughts on confetti being thrown at weddings?  Do you prefer real flower petals or would you just pick up the paper version?

Thank you for reading.






Photography By Sally-Anne

Laura Anderson Photography

The Telegraph

Wasing Park Barn