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Part 2: Holly Robinson Jewellery

Wedding suppliers through the eyes of a story telling photographer!

Introducing Holly

I met Holly from Holly Robinson Jewellery at a networking meeting a couple of months ago.  She was lovely to talk to, really warm and friendly.  Fast forward a few weeks, quite a few cups of coffee and lots of chatting and I feel I’ve got to know her quite well.

Holly Robinsin Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne

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Wedding Couple - Photography By Sally-Anne

Nicki & Andy’s Hampshire Winter Wedding

Photography By Sally-Anne

The minute I met Nicki and Andy at a wedding fair back in 2016 I kept my fingers crossed they would book me. They seemed fun, full of life and very much in love. At this point they didn’t have a venue so just took my business card and said they would be back in contact.  A few months on, Nicki rang me to say she would like to meet up to chat with me about their wedding plans, to say I was a little excited is a slight understatement. We met up at their home and chatted for ages, I also got to meet their little furry friend Heath the moggy (very cute). We looked at albums, drank tea and had a giggle.  I was absolutely over the moon when Nicki rang me early January 2017 to say they wanted me to capture their wedding day for them, I couldn’t stop smiling. They had booked the Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire on the 6th January 2018 for their special day, a very grand hotel indeed for a beautiful winter wedding.  My second photographer was also booked to capture the grooms preparations.

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Winter Wedding Theme

A few weeks before Christmas 2017 I arranged a winter wedding themed photography shoot with some very talented wedding suppliers from around Wiltshire, specifically Malmesbury, Cirencester and Tetbury.  The idea was to bring together rich colours and textures to show to potential brides looking to get married in 2018/19.  After all, you don’t have to get married in the Summer these days, venues like Grittleton House offer wedding packages all year round.

The shoot was a great success although the weather did throw us a bit of a curve ball,  it didn’t put us off.  After being a wedding photographer for quite a while now, you can’t let a little bit of snow beat you.

Here are some images from the shoot, just a few of my personal favourites.

Bride at Grittleton House


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Family Photography in the Woods

Family Photography – FAQ’s

I figured it was about time that I caught up and put pen to paper so as to speak so I’d like to chat with you about Family Photography.

With every booking I always like to prepare my clients for their shoot.  Usually what to wear is a hot topic, what to expect from me and what they need to do, to name but a few.  Questions evolve from these points which I think would be lovely to share with you too.  In case you are thinking of refreshing your family photos these subjects may help you to decide.  Feel free to ask your own questions in the comments below, would be lovely to hear your thoughts.

Will our shoot be outdoors or in a studio?

My personal preference to family photography is outdoors in the fresh air.  I always remember as a child being taken to the local photographers studio with my sister all dressed up in our Sunday best with our new hair cuts (my fringe was always too short!!) and then positioned very unnaturally in bright light and told to smile!  Some people like the studio style of photography as it has moved on a lot since the 70’s!!  It’s not wrong, it’s just very different and not the style I choose.

I always love to chat with you about you and your family and the sort of things you like to do together, where you might visit as a family.  You might walk the dog in your local woods or park or go to a lake with the children.  There are so many places in Wiltshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire to visit which make the most beautiful backdrops.  Natural light is so magical and pretty.  You could be anywhere, but if the sun is shining even on a crisp cold day your pictures will be stunning.

Below are a few images where we all went to a local woodland for a walk with the family pooch.  We had fun, got some fresh air and now they have a lush frame hanging in their lounge keeping those special memories alive.

Family Photography in the Woods

Family Photography in the Woods

Family Photography in the Woods

Family Photography in the Woods

Family Photography in the Woods

What do I wear, can you help me choose!

The answer to that is yes I can help you choose what to wear, I love that bit.  The decision around what to wear is not one to be taken lightly!  Making sure that colours work well together and don’t clash is very important.  For instance, you might like to wear stripes but your husband also has stripes on or even worse checks!!  In the picture above, the lady has a striped jumper but because its a light colour it works well with her husbands light jumper and her sons darker jackets.  You see, it all works in harmony!  In the summer time you have a little more choice.  You can wear whites and light pastel colours, bleached jeans or even, if your daring, shorts!

Tops with lots of writing on or branding is not a good idea, that is unless you really want to wear it and then we can blend it with everyone else; I’m sure we can make an exception or two!

In the winter you have the option of wearing layers which you can take off or tie round your waist or just wrap up with scarves and hats.  You see so many many options and ways of accessorising which all help you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Below are some images from a shoot I did for a Mum and Dad who wanted pictures of their daughters, this was taken in the Summer, hence the shorts, at Lydiard Park in Swindon.  We named the shoot ‘Sisters’.

Sisters in the park having photo taken - photography by sally-anne

Sisters in the park having photo taken - photography by sally-anne

Sisters in the park having photo taken - photography by sally-anne

Sisters in the park having photo taken - photography by sally-anne

Sisters in the park having photo taken - photography by sally-anne

Sisters in the park having photo taken - photography by sally-anne

What can I expect before and during our family photography shoot?

I know that when I book something special I like to know the full details, what’s happening and when, don’t you?  This is why I treat my photography the same way, no misunderstandings or nasty surprises (not a fan of them!!).  I like to speak to you a few days before your shoot to make sure you are comfortable with timings, the weather and location and to allay any worries you may have.  I’ll also confirm the time, place and meeting point in an email just in case.

On the day of the shoot we meet up and quite simply go for a walk all together.  I’ll explain that I may ask you to stand near a tree or in long grasses or just walk together but at every step you’ll know what to do.  If I don’t think the light is right or the way you’re standing isn’t flattering or whatever, I’ll let you know.  After all, you want to love your images and not look at them and wince!!

Oh and yes, you have full license to be silly!  Lots of sillyness is required, lots of laughter and smiles is a pre-requisite for your family photography.  Laughter is after all good for the heart so lets make it infectious 🙂

So you see your questions are easily answered, there are no scary moments and if you decide to book me to capture those special family memories, you’ll never be asked to ‘give us a smile’, I promise!  Its all about having fun, spending some quality time together and being able to look back at your photos for years to come and be transported back to that exact moment.

If you’ve had a shoot in the past and would like to share your experiences with us write in the comments below.

It’s been lovely chatting and I hope to see you all again soon.

Take care

Sally-Anne x


Wedding Day Countdown

So you’ve spent months and months planning your very special day and its now only a few days before you tie the knot so as to speak! There are so many details to your wedding day so making sure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked is critically important to your day going smoothly.

As a Wedding Photographer I see brides and grooms worrying during the best day of their lives that they or someone in the wedding party may have forgotten something or the timing is out. Together let’s walk through some important, must remember, details before your wedding day.

Wedding Sign

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Wedding Confetti - Wiltshire Wedding Photography

Confetti, real or fake?

I can hear some of you thinking so what? Do I care whether my wedding confetti is fake or not? It’s only going to be thrown up in the air to make pretty pictures for the wedding photographer and dissolve on the floor eventually!

Confetti tunnel at wedding in London

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Wasing Park Barn Wedding - Berkshire Wedding Photography

Sharon & Andy – Their Wasing Park Barn Wedding Day

When Sharon rang me last year to say she had got engaged I was over the moon for her.  This lady is one of the smiliest happiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and so deserved to find her prince and fall in love. Better yet she said they’d be getting married at the gorgeous Wasing Park Barn!


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Boudoir Photography Competition Winner

This Boudoir Photography shoot with Lady Kay was quite extraordinary, in a good way of course.  Kay was delighted to hear she was my Boudoir Photography Competition Winner posted on Facebook a few weeks ago by simply ‘Liking’ my page, sharing and giving me some feedback, so simple.  Kay told me in her own words that the shoot was a wonderful experience, lots of fun and she ‘loves loves loves’ her pictures.  It gave me immense pleasure to know that Kay felt comfortable and elegant in front of my camera.  This shoot was quite a confidence boost for both of us 🙂


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