There is so much help out there on the web, wedding fayres, magazines and not to mention recommendations from your friends and family that it can be a tad overwhelming which is why I wanted to put in my two pennies worth and see if I can help at all?  Aside from the usual bookings to be made like the stunning venue, a fabulous professional photographer (of course!!), and florist etc you might also like to think about other important things that will help your day go smoothly.  There is a list of Trusted Suppliers on my website if you wanted to take a peek.  Below are just a few to get you started.


I can only speak for the Bride, having been one myself and doing just the opposite of this!  It’s a very long day and one where I’m sure the odd glass of bubbly is involved, in my case Jack Daniels!!!  I was nervous, OK!  It’s nice to have a tipple to calm the nerves but, as much as I hate to sound a party pooper, your wedding day is such a special day, don’t ruin it with an all day hangover where you’ve not drank enough water or eaten anything.  Think about taking some snacks with you for when your getting pampered, maybe some fruit and nuts or cereal bars.  Something that will give you a slow release of energy yet still tasty.  I would also suggest having a nice brekkie.  After that, no rules apply, enjoy your party with a clear(ish) head and party til dawn 🙂


A very important addition to any wedding are pieces such as the Save the Date cards with a pre-wedding picture of you both and a map inside with directions to the church and/or venue.  Saves your guests forgetting the date (not that they would of course!), even worse getting lost on their way.  Don’t forget to add a sat nav post code!  I have been lost so many times (not for weddings I hasten to add!) where the address postal code sends me to a muddy field on the other side of the venue!!  Not funny when your in a rush 😀

What about a table plan outside the reception where your guests can see who they are sitting next to and not to forget the Signing Board or Guest Book which has images from your pre-wedding shoot and ties in with your invitations.  You get to keep a lovely memento with personal messages from your guests.  You do have to hope they’ve not been a bit naughty and written something rude, you could always leave a pencil with it just in case!

Place settings adorned with your guests names and little wedding favors, all things that make your tables look pretty and elegant.


Yep, as totally boring as it sounds even at weddings are there rules!  I get to meet these pesky little luvlies lots!!  When visiting the venue for your ceremony, especially if its a church wedding, make sure to ask about the use of confetti and mobile devices (phones to you and me).  There are many churches that don’t allow confetti being thrown in the Church grounds but do allow it outside the gates.  So not necessarily a bad thing but something you need to be aware of and to tell your guests – in your Invitations!  See Stationery is important!!

As great as they are, mobile phone and tablet camera’s can be very annoying and distracting to others guests and yes, you guessed it, your Photographer who you’ve paid to capture stunning shots of your first kiss and ring exchange.  You really don’t want to see images of your ceremony with your guests hanging out into the aisle with mobiles or worse, iPads attached to them, its not pretty!  Its only for the service, I’m sure they can wait until afterwards and get a copy of the professional ones 🙂  Sorry, personal rant of mine – ha!

Its just a suggestion but why not put a small sign outside the front of the church/ceremony venue asking your guests politely not to take pictures during the service – trust me, you will thank me for it when you get your professional photos back that you’ve paid for!

Don’t Forget

To take all your wedding pieces home with you or ask someone at the venue to save them until after your honeymoon.  After spending months researching, potentially making and organising all those lovely creative bits and pieces like your table centers, guest book and table plan etc it would be a nightmare if it got thrown out.  You could ask a ‘trusted’ member of the family or friend to take it home for you.  You could creatively frame some of them as a keepsake.

I’m sure there are many more important details not to forget on your wedding day that I’ve not mentioned but I figured would keep this to a minimum for now!

If you would like to know more about my wedding photography and the information I give to couples prior to their wedding day, just let me know, I would be happy to help out if I can, this is the link to my Contact page!