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Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne

Introducing Holly

I met Holly from Holly Robinson Jewellery at a networking meeting a couple of months ago.  She was lovely to talk to, really warm and friendly.  Fast forward a few weeks, quite a few cups of coffee and lots of chatting and I feel I’ve got to know her quite well.

Holly has a quality about her that gives me confidence she knows her gems and precious metals.  She has been in the industry for a fair few years mainly working for high street retailers.  It was only in the last year Holly decided to go it alone, offering her clients a unique experience, something a little special and personal.  She told me that

“I am totally in love with jewellery, and yes I may be a little bit of a magpie”

In my opinion Holly is the epitome of her brand.  Elegant, feminine and classy.  She said to me that:

“only perfection is acceptable when it comes to her jewellery”

Holly has gone all out to source only the best goldsmiths and gem suppliers.  She loves to go and choose the right stone for the right piece of jewellery, checking clarity and authenticity.

Never stop learning

With all Professional Jewellers Diploma (JET) and Diamond Specialist qualifications from the Gemological Institute of America qualifications, Holly doesn’t plan on stopping there.  She is constantly looking for ways to improve her offerings to her clients.  Unique, bespoke, personal, special are all the words used for her designs.

There is nothing more she loves than to bob up to London and do a bit of secret shopping to see what the competition are offering!  Come on, we all do it yeah?  She is an incurable romantic, diamonds are definately Holly’s best friend.

Visiting shows like Vicenza in Italy and the bridal show in Vegas is just the tip of the iceberg for this young lady.  If she can’t find the quality or cut she needs for a client she just keeps on looking until she finds it.   She quite literally leaves no stone unturned until she finds pure perfection!  Sorry :-/

The experience

One of the biggest reasons Holly wanted to go it alone was to make sure that her clients are offered a totally unique piece of jewellery.  Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring or a just because I can ring, she will come and visit you personally to talk, listen and design.  She tells me how she has had many secret meetings with guys wanting to buy a beautiful ‘one off’ engagement ring for his bride to be.  Keeping a secret is something she has had to be good at.  Good job they don’t ask me!!

You might be sitting there thinking, OMG these designs sound expensive yeah?  Trust me, I know you will be surprised.  You just need to know your budget and Holly will help you to achieve that dreamy piece of jewellery.  If she’s can’t help you she will be able to suggest someone who can.

Creating that magical piece

I was intruiged to know how she creates a wedding ring that fits snugly against an existing engagement ring.  She told me that she would take a mold of the existing ring so it never has to leave you.  I know I wouldn’t want my rings to be sent off somewhere I didn’t know about.  Taking a mold is a genius.  This is the kind of thing she does:


Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne

As we chatted, Holly told me about her Whisper Collection; simple elegant solitaire designs on a super skinny band. The first one she created was made in 18ct Yellow Gold with a colourless 2ct Radiant Diamond. (See images of her CAD drawings above!) So beautiful and elegant, I love it?  She tells me:

“this design perfectly captures the natural beauty of any diamond and can be made with any size or shape or stone”

A few pictures!

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take a few pictures of a ring I picked out.  I just loved this one.  So pretty and sparkly.  Very feminine and elegant, just look at how it sparkles:

Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne Holly Robinson Jewellery - Photography By Sally-Anne

Where can you find Holly?





Let’s do random questions!

I love this bit!  It gives you and I a chance to know something about Holly other than her passion for jewellery!  So here goes 🙂

Q – Tell me something about yourself that knowbody else knows

A – I have a secret stash of ginger nut biscuits under the sofa in a tupperware tub!!   This one is a good one as she tells me that Nick her partner doesn’t even know that as Holly does the hoovering !!!

Q – If you were a bottle of perfume what would you be?

A – I would be a pebble shaped bottle, voluptuious and spicey.  She laughs out loud thinking of it 😀

Q – What’s your favourite plant?

A – A cactus!  Nothing to say to that really 😀

I loved doing this interview with Holly, I hope you enjoyed reading it too.  She is a lovely bubbly lady and enjoys a giggle.  I like her x

Thank you for reading.

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Photography By Sally-Anne

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