OMG, it’s another new year and I bet you feel like you’ve overeaten at Christmas, lets face it who hasn’t?

Would you believe it that a massive 21.4% of the population make the New Years Resolution to lose weight and get in shape, I know I’ve been one of those for many years and I always fail by putting too much pressure on myself for what, to feel good, to look better?  You are not seeing the true fabulous you!


As a Boudoir Photographer I always hear from clients, ‘I’d love to have an Elegant Feminine Boudoir Photography experience but I need to get in shape first’!  Trust me I completely understand the self conscious feeling of having the odd lump and bump around the middle but don’t you also think that if you saw yourself in a different light a new angle, a flattering and beautiful shape that you would think, WOW is that really me and start to love yourself again?

I had the honor of doing a Boudoir Photography shoot for this beautiful lady just before Christmas who felt just like that.  She was feeling flat and down about herself, she told me she had gained some weight and didn’t feel herself or confident anymore.  She was also recovering from a back injury and was really beating herself up.  She booked a shoot with me and boy did we have some fun doing it.  Below are a few images from the shoot together with Hayley’s comments after seeing her images.













All these images were taken at Hayley’s own home.  Below are a few words from Hayley herself:

After feeling a bit flat for sometime with the winter blues, I wasn’t sure whether a boudoir shoot would be what I needed to help me to regain my confidence. At the start of our day together, the last thing I felt like doing was flaunting my body. With a busy schedule and winter upon us, it had been easy for me to hide the ever growing waistline under layers of clothing, turning a blind eye to the fact that half my jeans didn’t fit me anymore, as well as ensuring I still had shape to the hamster like roundness of my cheeks through the make-up wonder of contouring. However, the thought of baring all was a scary one and it was difficult to know how I would feel. But that’s exactly it, I felt great! We all fall victim to over critiquing ourselves, as well as over indulging on cheese, wine and chocolates, snuggling up in front of the telly of a dark, chilly evening. But that simply doesn’t matter for a boudoir shoot because with Sally-Anne’s expertise, I felt back to my old self in no time at all; relaxed, beautiful & vivacious. Creative, sassy and energised! If you want to feel relaxed, have fun and go away with some beautiful photographs of yourself to look back on in years to come, then this is the shoot for you. It’s time to embrace your body just the way it is, & see yourself in a whole new light. – Hayley x

Love x