Engaged or getting engaged?

The very start of your wedding story!

Engaged Couple on their Photoshoot in Berkshire - Photography By Sally-Anne

Why an engagement photography shoot?

Over the year’s of being a professional wedding photographer, I have always recommended a pre-wedding / engagement photography shoot before your big day. Why you may well ask and yes, it’s a good question and one I will answer for you!

Just about every couple I meet know why they want to engage with a ‘wedding’ photographer for their big day. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say, after all why wouldn’t they! But, it might just be that it’s the obvious supplier to book, it’s historical, Mum and Dad told me too or you simply know that you will value those amazingly special memories forever.

One thing I find, it seems to be quite common that neither the bride or groom ‘to be’ likes their photo being taken and feel awkward or silly in front of the camera. This doesn’t have to be the case you know.

Engagement photography isn’t scary!

You will hear this statement from most wedding photographers and it’s not a way of getting you to book, trust me on that. I always include an engagement photography shoot so that you get to feel relaxed and photographically safe in front of my camera. I’ve had couples that say “please don’t take pictures of me” which is a bit difficult bearing in mind you are the bride and groom to be!

Let me explain. On your big day everything is happening. You’ll have guests arriving to help you celebrate the biggest day of your lives, you will have spent lots of money on the venue and catering and not to mention your dress. The last thing you want to worry about is your photographer and what they’re doing. You’ll be thinking “are they going to take pictures of me when I don’t want them to” and “how much privacy do I get?”. You will not need to worry at all after we’ve met up before your wedding day, all your worries will melt away.

What do I do?

I’ll suggest we meet somewhere you like or which is a special place to both of you. We can either take a walk in the park or even visit your venue where we can also look at shots for your wedding day. Wherever we go, I will capture natural and fun images of the two of you together having fun. Yes, you might at first feel a bit weird but trust me, I’ve lost count how many times people have felt like that and then a couple of minutes in to the shoot you will be laughing, having fun and feeling quite relaxed. I will never ask you to smile, it’s a pet hate of mine, I might be a little silly or say something to make you laugh, and that’s it. See, it’s not scary at all.

When we laugh naturally our bodies relax. Our shoulders drop down and our faces light up. This is how you will feel and I just know you will look back and think ‘why was I so worried’! It’s far from scary.

Getting to know your photographer a little!

Spending that hour or more with your wedding photographer will break down any preconceptions of worry. You will get to know them a little and get to ask lots of questions along the way. We will talk about your day and think about timings and photo’s you might want. It’s all good and best of all on your wedding day, you might even forget I’m there.

What if we want an engagement shoot without getting married?

Hey, that’s a lovely thought! You don’t have to be planning a wedding to have an engagement shoot. You might even want me to capture the question itself, wouldn’t that be lovely 🙂 Just give me a call or drop me an email and we can have a chat about where you would like to go, my camera will do the rest with a little guidance from me of course 😉

Here are a few pictures of couples I’ve worked with:

Blog-Engagement-Photographer-Wiltshire-PhotographybySallyAnne12-1024x683 (1).jpg
Engagement Photography

For further wedding suppliers and venues, you might like to look at the Whitewed.directory which is full of approved and vetted creatives, just busting to help you out!

If you would like to know more about me and my style of photography just get in contact. There is never any obligation to book, we just chat and then it’s up to you. You have to like your photographer and get on, it’s a big decision to make.

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you one day to alay your photographic nerves.

Sally-Anne x

Photography by Sally-Anne – Whitewed.directory Page