A Grittleton Christmas Wedding

Congratulations Livvy & Josh

A Grittleton Christmas Wedding - Photography by Sally-Anne

The beginning of their photographic love story

Livvy and Josh first contacted me through my website back in November 2018 after confirming their wedding venue which was to be the grand old Grittleton House.

3 wedding styles in 1 photography shoot!

3 wedding styles at the Matara - Photography by Sally-Anne

A wedding styled shoot featuring a fair few talented suppliers and lots of gorgeous wedding inspiration!

The inspiration for this shoot came from a chance meeting with Katherine Jo Designs in Bristol. Jo (she prefers being called that) wanted to showcase her latest designs at a venue where beauty was in abundance but bamboo was also played a huge part.

The Matara in Tetbury was the perfect venue, it ticked all the above wishes and so many more. We set to and gathered a list of wants and picked the suppliers who were perfect for the shoot. The result was, in our humble opinion, mind blowing gorgeous. Take a look for yourselves and don’t be shy to tell me what you think.

Part 6: Rachel Neate Makeup & Hair Artist

Wedding Suppliers through the eyes of a story telling photographer

Rachel Neate Makeup and Hair Artist - Photography By Sally-Anne

Introducing Rachel

I met Rachel a couple of years ago through the Whitewed.Directory community. She instantly gave me that feeling that she knows her stuff, well read, interesting and is head over heals in love with makeup and beauty therapy.

Engaged or getting engaged?

The very start of your wedding story!

Engaged Couple on their Photoshoot in Berkshire - Photography By Sally-Anne

Why an engagement photography shoot?

Over the year’s of being a professional wedding photographer, I have always recommended a pre-wedding / engagement photography shoot before your big day. Why you may well ask and yes, it’s a good question and one I will answer for you!

Part 5: Willoughby & Wolf – Luxe Bridal Boutique

Wedding suppliers through the eyes of a story telling Photographer

Willoughby & Wolf Bridal Boutique - Photography By Sally-Anne

Introducing Victoria!

I would describe Victoria as that classy lady you want to take with you to choose your bridal wedding gown. She is stylish, incredibly personable and knows what she likes. She knows a thing or two (or five) about designers but above all, what works and what doesn’t! I was fortunate to meet her at a whitewed.directory networking meeting a few months ago.

Part 4: Love To Plan by Natalie Lovett

Wedding suppliers through the eyes of a story telling photographer!

Love to Plan by Natalie Lovett - Photography By Sally-Anne

Introducing Natalie

I met Natalie just over a year ago when I first moved to Wiltshire with my hubby and furry mutt! She was really friendly and knew just about everything there was to know about planning in the Wiltshire wedding industry!

Natalie Lovett is not only the proud owner of Love to Plan but also runs the hugeWhitewed.directory where you can find a fair few vetted wedding supplier professionals, of which I am one.